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Should you drink 8 glasses of water a day?

So there’s that whole debate on whether drinking 8 glasses of water a day is necessary or not.  I try to drink at least 4-6 glasses a day.  I don’t count coffee or soda or juice as a glass.  Those drinks react differently with your body than water does as they contain salt, sugar, caffiene, etc. 

Someone told me that they never drink water because everytime they did, they’d have to go to the bathroom immediately, so they came to the conclusion they were already fully hydrated.  That’s false.  The reason you go to the bathroom is because your body is flushing out excess salt that you retained.  So drinking water removes salty water.  You will feel less bloated after drinking lots of water.  It doesn’t sound like it makes alot of sense until you try it.  If you can’t have the 8 glasses, at least try 4 a day. 

Also, if you are drinking alcohol, drink a glass of water in between drinks.  I did this and haven’t had a hangover since.  You know how you drink beer and go to the bathroom, thinking you are just peeing out the beer?  The beer was actually flushing good stuff out of your system, leaving you dehydrated.  So a 6-pack of beer is like cancelling out all your daily intake of healthy fluids for the day, leaving you with a headache the morning after.  If you’re drinking, like, 12 rum and cokes in a night, I’d say you’ll be screwed the next day, no matter what you do.

This is an excerpt from an article that totally debunks everything I have just said:

“Finally, strong evidence now indicates that not all of the prescribed fluid need be in the form of water. Careful peer-reviewed experiments have shown that caffeinated drinks should indeed count toward the daily fluid intake in the vast majority of persons. To a lesser extent, the same probably can be said for dilute alcoholic beverages, such as beer, if taken in moderation.”

Here is another excerpt that I find amusing:

“And he lists other disadvantages of a high water intake: (a) possible exposure to pollutants, especially if sustained over many years; (b) frequent urination, which can be both inconvenient and embarrassing; (c) expense, for those who satisfy the 8 x 8 requirements with bottled water; and (d) feelings of guilt for not achieving 8 x 8.”

Well…in that case, I guess I can start drinking beer and soda daily, but not too much, because I will be too embarrassed to go pee.  I can also stop feeling guilty that I didn’t win the 8×8 water drinking contest.

I’m not in the medical field, but I don’t see why this is so complicated. It just seems like common sense to put something natural in your body instead of a load of chemicals.  And if you’re worried about pollutants, get a water filter.  I treat beverages as food.  If I drink soda, it’s like eating a small bag of cheetos (cuz it’s junk food).  If I drink a glass of water, it’s like eating a salad.  Get it?  Balance….