WTF?! Free chicken coupons at KFC not redeemable.


Apparently, KFC is giving out rain checks because they can’t honor the coupons anymore. I went Wednesday night at around 8pm and they said that they were closed early. I wanted to go try again this afternoon, but saw this post on their website. Who wants to go through all the hoops to get a rain check mailed to them? To me this is not a free meal, if they’re making you work so hard for it.

Most of these KFCs were denying chicken to people with free coupons, and only serving chicken to people paying for it. Some restaurants were only honoring the coupons a couple hours a day, even though the coupons didn’t say anything about restricted times. Do I really, really want to try going again hoping they don’t turn me away with some new made-up rule?

Nothing ever is free in life, and I should’ve known better.


2 responses to this post.

  1. there was an excessive lot of drama tied up in this free grilled chicken episode (from KGC); it certainly demonstrates Oprah’s sway over the general public


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