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Not to brag or anything…


Woohoo. #5 on 1,723 posts that day. My moment of fame. I was flying high that day. And my profile name is Dumpling29 on Foodbuzz, if you want to look me up and be foodie buds. I will be your BFF.


Foodbuzz review


So, since I’m a newbie at the whole blogging thing (4, 5 weeks?) I decided to join Foodbuzz to see what the buzz was all about. How does it help food bloggers? As I get older it gets harder and harder to keep up with all these new networking sites (facebook, linkedin, etc.) and now Foodbuzz. I finally got the feel of how something like facebook works for me, but I’m still confused as to how Foodbuzz ‘works’. Not technically, but I mean it’s social aspect. From the first day I joined last week, I’ve had over 30 bloggers request my friendship. Yay! So I thank them for adding me, give some feedback on their websites. A few have written back as well with nice comments on my site. It has increased my daily hits significantly as I link my recipes to my foodbuzz profile, and I have gotten more exposure since joining.

But I don’t feel like I’m really making foodie friends as much as I’m seeing people add me to plug their own websites, or to ask for my vote on some food competition they are entered in. I can’t vote for you if I don’t know you that well, sorry. In fact, I’m a little hurt getting these mass emails on my foodbuzz profile asking me for my votes, or asking me to register onto your blogs. It’s like you just requested my friendship to get my vote. I thought you really liked me, *sniffle sniffle*. Ok, I’m not that oversensitive, but I am starting to realize that Foodbuzz is just a tool for promoting, to get your name out there, and that’s perfectly fine.

And the whole ‘buzzing’ thing, what is up with that? I don’t know what the buzz rankings mean. I understand that the more times you are buzzed, the higher the rank. Why do I get buzzed for recipes I’ve posted if I see that it had virtually no views? Why does one buzz a recipe? I’ve had recipes buzzed up to the 80’s by people. I’m guessing people buzz me so I buzz them, and then it gets so competitive that everyone’s buzzing each other to the top (the top of what?). But if we’re all at this top, what’s the point? Maybe it’s a gimmick, I don’t know.

I’m not saying anything negative about Foodbuzz, I think it’s a great way to network and promote and all that stuff. And I will probably continue to use it. But I willingly remain naive in the belief that I will make more genuine foodie friends by just writing on my blog and doing my own thing.

WTF?! Free chicken coupons at KFC not redeemable.


Apparently, KFC is giving out rain checks because they can’t honor the coupons anymore. I went Wednesday night at around 8pm and they said that they were closed early. I wanted to go try again this afternoon, but saw this post on their website. Who wants to go through all the hoops to get a rain check mailed to them? To me this is not a free meal, if they’re making you work so hard for it.

Most of these KFCs were denying chicken to people with free coupons, and only serving chicken to people paying for it. Some restaurants were only honoring the coupons a couple hours a day, even though the coupons didn’t say anything about restricted times. Do I really, really want to try going again hoping they don’t turn me away with some new made-up rule?

Nothing ever is free in life, and I should’ve known better.

I hate Tom Cruise.


That’s a great picture from this funny website.

I woke up this morning hating Tom Cruise with a passion. I kept having that same image of his stupid looking face in my head over and over again, his laugh, his smile, his stupid pointer finger. I never really hated Tom Cruise before, but all of a sudden the hatred just came out of nowhere.  I wanted to punch that smile off his face. He’s become the most hated poster boy by women with postpartum depression.

shut up and eat!

Why do people point to every friggin dish at a buffet and ask, what’s this? What’s that?  It’s a buffet. They aren’t going to charge you more for trying something. Just put it on your plate and move on. And if you don’t know what fried chicken is by looking at it…you’ve been living in a bubble.  There’s also a label on the sneeze guard, jackass.

Should parents let their kids be vegetarians?

This link is from a few months ago, but it has come up a few times here and there on various sites.  My question is, should parents let their kids be vegetarians?  I’m sure it’s a noble choice the kids are making and parents should encourage their children to make ethical choices in their lives, blah blah blah.  Personally, I don’t know ANY kids who made good food choices growing up.  The kids I knew grew up on peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, chicken fingers, and french fries.  They were picky eaters.  They ate bland things because they were afraid of different textures new foods had.  They were picky because their parents were picky.  They grew up eating crappy school lunches that served only bland things. 

The article does say the main reason kids turn vegetarian is because they don’t want innocent animals slaughtered.  I think that’s pretty reasonable.  But then the article goes on to say most kids still end up eating unhealthy foods in place of meat that contributes to obesity.  They replace meat with lots of pasta, doughnuts, and candy.  Obviously, vegetarians should eat in moderation like anyone else, but do kids know enough to understand how much beans and tofu they should consume to make up for their protein-deprived bodies? And with 1 in 3 (!) Americans being obese, do these parents know enough to teach their kids how to manage a healthy vegetarian diet, let alone a normal non-vegetarian diet?

When I was 7 years old, I refused to eat meat.  I thought it was gross, and being a vegetarian seemed to be a nice thing to do.  I liked animals, and I didn’t want to hurt them.  I was only vegetarian on days I didn’t like my mom’s meals.  She cooked no less than 3 main dishes containing meat or seafood, 2 side dishes of vegetables, and rice.  Every single day.  I ate maybe…like 10-50% of what she made.  I was picky.  I wanted McDonalds and chicken fingers like every other kid.  During freshman year of college, I gained 20 pounds from chicken fingers.  I hate chicken fingers now, they are the devil.  Chicken shouldn’t look like that.  Anyways, when I came home that summer from college, 20 pounds fatter, I craved everything my mom made.  Rice, meat, veggies, whatever.  I ate more at home than I ever did at college, and I lost 20 pounds that summer.  I didn’t diet.  I ate a variety of foods in moderation.  So basically, it took me 20+ years to learn how to eat a normal healthy diet.  I can’t imagine how hard it is for kids to be vegetarian, so good luck to them.

Should you drink 8 glasses of water a day?

So there’s that whole debate on whether drinking 8 glasses of water a day is necessary or not.  I try to drink at least 4-6 glasses a day.  I don’t count coffee or soda or juice as a glass.  Those drinks react differently with your body than water does as they contain salt, sugar, caffiene, etc. 

Someone told me that they never drink water because everytime they did, they’d have to go to the bathroom immediately, so they came to the conclusion they were already fully hydrated.  That’s false.  The reason you go to the bathroom is because your body is flushing out excess salt that you retained.  So drinking water removes salty water.  You will feel less bloated after drinking lots of water.  It doesn’t sound like it makes alot of sense until you try it.  If you can’t have the 8 glasses, at least try 4 a day. 

Also, if you are drinking alcohol, drink a glass of water in between drinks.  I did this and haven’t had a hangover since.  You know how you drink beer and go to the bathroom, thinking you are just peeing out the beer?  The beer was actually flushing good stuff out of your system, leaving you dehydrated.  So a 6-pack of beer is like cancelling out all your daily intake of healthy fluids for the day, leaving you with a headache the morning after.  If you’re drinking, like, 12 rum and cokes in a night, I’d say you’ll be screwed the next day, no matter what you do.

This is an excerpt from an article that totally debunks everything I have just said:

“Finally, strong evidence now indicates that not all of the prescribed fluid need be in the form of water. Careful peer-reviewed experiments have shown that caffeinated drinks should indeed count toward the daily fluid intake in the vast majority of persons. To a lesser extent, the same probably can be said for dilute alcoholic beverages, such as beer, if taken in moderation.”

Here is another excerpt that I find amusing:

“And he lists other disadvantages of a high water intake: (a) possible exposure to pollutants, especially if sustained over many years; (b) frequent urination, which can be both inconvenient and embarrassing; (c) expense, for those who satisfy the 8 x 8 requirements with bottled water; and (d) feelings of guilt for not achieving 8 x 8.”

Well…in that case, I guess I can start drinking beer and soda daily, but not too much, because I will be too embarrassed to go pee.  I can also stop feeling guilty that I didn’t win the 8×8 water drinking contest.

I’m not in the medical field, but I don’t see why this is so complicated. It just seems like common sense to put something natural in your body instead of a load of chemicals.  And if you’re worried about pollutants, get a water filter.  I treat beverages as food.  If I drink soda, it’s like eating a small bag of cheetos (cuz it’s junk food).  If I drink a glass of water, it’s like eating a salad.  Get it?  Balance….